After six years of experience on the field and producing over two hundred events, we’d like to share some of our findings with our international partners and ask for your cooperation on this very matter. Of all countries, Turkey shelters the greatest number of refugees on the planet. A significant number of them are “political refugees” who had to flee their homelands just because they’ve renounced Islam. The recent efforts by the ‘Atheist Asylum Project’ of Atheist Alliance International and the ‘Secular Rescue Program’ of Centre for Inquiry inspired Ateizm Dernegi to take a more active role in assisting the nonbelieving asylum seekers currently living in Turkey.

First, we’d like to remind you that Ateizm Dernegi (AD) is a very small NGO. We are 211 members strong. We are able to keep our doors open with the support of our founders and members. Having said that, we wish to provide a much needed service to the non-believer refugees in Turkey. The aim of this program is to assist the non-Turkish nonbeliever refugees in Turkey who are running from persecution and in need of assistance to startover a new life. For this, we need your support.

Due to language barriers, most refugees and asylum seekers have problems in terms of seeking/finding a suitable home, roommate, or work due to their disbelief in a Muslim dominated society. In the case of being a free-thinking, openly-secular, non-religious infidel in today’s pro-Islamic Turkey, finding a room, roommate, shared home, house, or work is extremely hard. Even if you find one, when your non-believing identity is discovered, the risk of losing your home/roommate/job is very high. We know it from first-hand experience. Yet, there are many like-minded Turkish non-believers, open-minded secularists and nonreligious minorities who are willing to help atheist asylum seekers and refugees in terms of accommodation and work. We recognize that there is a need for building such a network/ program to address this issue.

We propose to create a fund to provide a much needed service of legal aid and logistic assistance to atheist asylum seekers and refugees who are currently in Turkey. The fund is to pay for the salary of the employee. If funding is provided, AD is willing to hire an employee to take care of the most common refugee needs such as providing legal help, finding suitable accommodation, and finding a job. We are willing to share our office space and resources with this employee in AD Istanbul headquarters. Currently, there is a fulltime staff (AD General Manager) and an intern working at our headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey during weekdays. There is enough office space for another employee, and an additional intern (if needed). The employee for this specific position must be fluent in Arabic, Persian, Turkish and English in both writing and speaking. This program is NOT aimed to give away any grants, financial support, or pay for anybody’s rent, grocery shopping, pocket-money, allowance type of expenses. It is aimed to provide the services described below.

Employee’s responsibilities will include:

  1. Finding accommodation solutions for atheist refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey. Helping applicants to post ads on various local, regional, and nation-wide online platforms, help them apply, correspond, and translate/help/assist/intervene in the process when needed.
  2. Finding jobs for atheist refugees and asylum seekers in Turkey. Helping applicants to edit/translate their CV/resumes to Turkish. Help them by providing templates, assistance to post or apply to ads, set interviews, correspond, and translate/help/assist/intervene in the process when needed.
  3. Receiving applications from atheist asylum seekers/refugees in Turkey for legal help. Reporting the serious inquiries to AD after review. AD will takeover and provide legal help and assistance through our team of volunteer lawyers.
  4. Receiving applications for issuing letter of reference, letter of verification, or letter of support for atheist asylum seekers for their existing respective asylum applications. In order to evaluate the authenticity of the claims, an additional verification and/or confirmation process from secondary sources in the country of origin may be needed for these type of applications.
  5. Assisting the applicants regarding their submissions for pocket-money, allowance and scholarship applications to Turkish and international agencies, programs, institutions, foundations, secular/humanist/atheist charities, et


Ateizm Dernegi is planning to hire staff/staffs for the internationally supported program “Atheist Refugee Assistance Program” that especially constituted for atheist refugees.


  • Living in Istanbul
  • Have legal status in Turkey

FULL TIME 3500TL before tax (40h/w) must be fluent in Arabic, Persian, English, Turkish.
PART TIME 1750TL before tax (20h/w) must be fluent in Persian, English, Turkish.
PART TIME 1750TL before tax (20h/w) must be fluent in Arabic, English, Turkish.

This position is different than Ateizm Dernegi’s General Manager position. Refugees will be in priority during evaluation process.

Send your CV and Cover Letter in English to [email protected] for your application.